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" Oh for a book, and a cozy nook! And oh! For a quiet hour..." Anonymous
  Don't bother to knock, just turn the knob and come on in and visit awhile.
Go ahead, make yourself a cup of tea, kick off your shoes and be comfortable. Take your time. Enjoy your stay.

If this is your first visit with us let me show you around and introduce you to our book family. I'm Ruth Kern and have owned this business for 14 years now. Who knew fourteen years ago this business would be on the web? I didn't even know how to use a computer back then. But I did do needlework and loved books and even wrote (been published in short stories and in magazines). I dreamed of doing my own business. Since it was too hard to make a choice between the things I loved, I decided to do all three. So here I am all these years later still excited about books, needlework and writing. Who says dreams can't come true!

Now I'd like to introduce you to the shop manager, Donna Gonzales, my right arm (and best of all, my daughter). If you are e-mailing us or sending in an order or tracking one, Donna will be there to help you as she has been for over eight years. She also makes up the orders, keeps records and is a great idea person. When it comes to children's books she knows her stuff and has served on her daughter, Brianna's, school book fair committee for several years now. I'd love to clone her!

Next, meet our resident postman, my husband, Mark Rogness. No, he doesn't do needlework but wraps all the books and delivers them to the post office where he works on a daily basis. For the past ten years we've traveled all over the country together to set up book shops at needlework seminars. Luckily, he loves to travel to these events and really enjoys the juried needlework exhibits, the fun atmosphere and the people he meets. He never travels without a book to read with his main interests being cartography, history and gold prospecting.

Oh, yes, this is Pam White, our designer for brochures, ads and our newsletter for over eight years now. She is also a needleworker and loves books. By the way, she not only has a degree in design but has a Masters Degree in Educational Counseling and is a Life Coach (and is our business coach). Don't know what a life coach is? Just visit her web site: Can't imagine not having a life coach for my business.

And last but certainly not least, meet Dave Narang, our web master. In his "other life", he works for APS, our local utility company, doing, guess what? Computers of course! He is teaching us new things all the time. Thank goodness he's patient and has a good sense of humor! Dave has a children's book in the works I'm crazy about. Along with his parents he's lived in Pakistan, Malta, Egypt (where I originally met him) and of course the United States. His parents own Maqbool's Boutique in Glendale, AZ, a town known for its shops and antique stores and their line of exotic, unique gifts from around the world on:

Now that you've met us, let me show you around the shop. I'm sure you're visiting us because you love good books. So do we. We carefully select our titles, whether they be needlework books, mysteries (I get many requests for these from needleworkers), children's books and even pop-ups (I've been collecting for years) -and since lots of needlework groups do teas and we serve tea at our shop, we also carry tea books. If you don't see the book you need, please ask. We have a great track record of finding titles including those that are out-of-print. If you have a favorite we don't carry, we'd love to learn about it. When we set up shops at needlework seminars the book feedback we get from teachers, designers, needleworkers, authors and requesters is incredible! That's a big help in selecting books.

Want an easy way to learn about new needlework titles, history, design, color, authors, creativity, motivation? We've been publishing The Needle News for eight years now that does just that. It is a great tool to help unlock that door to the mysterious room in your brain full of ideas you didn't even know existed there; a room where you can create, design, see the world in a new way, get inspired by others and meet new authors. Why snail mail instead of an electronic version? We are hands on, we love paper books, let's sit down and read away from the computer, kind of people. A total paper- less society is not our idea of heaven. Besides's so portable! Take to work to read during lunch. Throw it in a suitcase to take on a trip. Mark it out for later reference. It is 3-ring binder ready too. Like to see a copy? No problem! We'll mail you an issue free of charge. If you decide to become a member of our book family and subscribe you receive 20% off on any books you order. For more information visit The Needle News on our website.

As you can see, we believe in service. We might be faceless on the web but we are behind the scenes pulling the levers. We are not only user-friendly, we are people- friendly! If you need help with a book selection or prefer to order by phone just give us a call. We do have a message machine but ONLY for off-hours and when we are taking another call. The rest of the time it will be either Donna or I who answers. Yes, we call back or e-mail as soon as possible. We really do! We'd love to get to know you. If you happen to get to Phoenix, Arizona call us and invite yourself over for a visit and to browse. We'll put the kettle on.

AND REMEMBER: THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING: We will constantly be growing and changing this site. Suggestions or comments are welcomed. Now have fun browsing.

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