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Needle News
A Publication for Book Loving Needlework Enthusiasts

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"I had to wrie to tell you how great THE NEEDLE NEWS looks in color.  I got my copy this morning and am looking to devouring it sometime today."  L.D. Missouri

"Love the way you've expanded your newsletter-it does showcase your writing skills and I'm enjoying it.  I'm happy to subscribe."  N.H. California

"Thanks once again for your marvelous newsletter.  I read it from cover to cover." T.M. Scottland

"Thank you for the wonderful article in your most recent newsletter."  M.K. Florida

"Last week I received your latest newsletter and I stopped my stitching to enjoy THE NEEDLE NEWS.  What a great treat I had in my hands!"  R.S.

"Just received my February issue to THE NEEDLE NEWS.  Yea Ruth!  It's great!  Very Much enjoyed reading every word."  S.R.

"I walk each morning before going to have been with moe on these walks as has THE NEEDLE NEWS.  Wonderful Company!"  F.M. Canada

"Thanks so much for sending THE NEEDLE NEWS.  I enjoyed reading it although I am sorrowed I can't stitch any longer.  This will keep me informed.  B.H. Pennsylvania

"Don't want to miss a newsletter so I would like to subscribe."  D.G. New Hampshire

"Just received the latest newsletter.  They get better with every issue."  D.L.


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