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Alderson, Chottie   Alderson, Chottie   Alderson, Chottie   Andrle, Patricia and Lesley Rudnicki
Elizabethan Sampler   The Furth Sampler   Wrought By Me Sampler   Sampler Motifs and Symbolism
This much beloved embroidery teacher and designer, (now passed on) left a wealth of her designs her children have put back into print. This sampler’s finished size is 22 ½ x 8 x ¼ inches. Comes with complete directions & materials list, full colored photo, separate history book (with history of each pattern or design and includes chart for Oak Leaf cushion from Hardwick Hall), and the jewels, pearls and gold cord.   This is the ultimate in samplers, as it is a documented copy of a long, narrow needlepoint sampler worked in the 1860’s by Elizabeth Furth of Vienna. This excellent example of Berlin Wool Work, 29 different patterns and designs are used with 29 borders. A variety of patterns and techniques are fully charted and described in the instructions, many are little known today but used in the mid-19th century. The history of this rare sampler and it’s travels is also included.   This work comes with complete instructions and materials list plus color photo of sampler. She also included the dates and where each of the 49 strips came from and some of the adventures she had in getting them. Sampler finishes to 43x7 ½ .   This lovely and informative dictionary of the symbolic meanings behind old sampler motifs and the reproduction of a Scottish sampler, plus four new traditional samplers with complete graphs and instructions for each.
( s2898 ) $45.00
  ( s2899 ) $70.00
  ( s2900 ) $36.00
  ( s2901 ) $35.00
Bennett, Eileen   Bennett, Eileen   Bennett, Eileen   Bennett, Eileen
Evolution of Samplers: Embroidery and Sampler Time Line   From the Archives   Jane Bostocke…….the rest of the story   Red Book of Sampler Stitches
This is a 400 year history of samplers put in a simple time line for easy reference when a sampler was made.   This knowledgeable embroidery instructor and owner of the Sampler House has put together 18 out-of-print artlcles on old embroideries and samplers dating from 1925 to present.   This most famous sampler made in 1598 comes to life in this short book that wonderfully reveals the background of the maker, the receiver and the time period.   Great tips for getting ready to start and actually stitching samplers. Great graphs and stitches in alphabetical order.
( s2902 ) $26.00
  ( s2903 ) $26.00
  ( s2904 ) $20.00
  ( s2905 ) $29.00
Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Inc.   Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Inc.   Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Inc.   Quinton, Rebecca
Elizabeth Muir Sampler   Mini Flower Basket Sampler   The 1797 Sampler   Patterns of Childhood: Samplers from Glascow Museums
Along with a short history of this sampler dated 1831, all materials, instructions, and graphing are included.   Barbara Rakosnik supplies the clear instructions for this lovely mini sampler –size 12 ½ x 10 ½ (design size 6 ½ x 4 ½ ).   This original sampler is in the EGA collection. Historical information as well as in-depth instructions to finish this attractive Germany sampler known affectionately as the lobster sampler are included. Follow Armida Taylor as she follows the clues to find the the source of this sampler. Clear graphs and close-ups of stitches make this a great project. Finished to 13x 27 1/2.   The samplers held in Glasgow Museum’s Burrell and costume and textiles collections span over 300 years. As well as many interesting samplers made in Glascow, the collections include two made by Frances Cheyney, several by pupils at Ackworth School, a poignant sampler “Done in Exile”, and a six-foot stickmustertuch from Germany.
( s2908 ) $45.00
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  ( s2910 ) $28.00
  ( s2923 ) $30.00
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