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INs & OUTs A to Z of Quilting Colour Confidence in Embroidery Beading on Fabric: Encyclopedia of Bead Stitch Techniques
Elaine Oliverio Country Bumpkin Publications Deb Menz Larkin Van Horn
This follow up book to Stitch Landscape is in the same 5"x 7" format and spiralbound - that covers interiors and exteriors plus for barns, baskets, bricks, buildings, chimneys, fabric, floors, houses, molding, patios, pavement, roof, rugs, trims, borders, walls AND wallpaper, and windows. Wow!  Again this book is very popular. $39.95
No needlework library is complete without the A to Z publications. This manual is for the beginner and advanced quilter. Almost 900 step-by-step colour photos of every technique a quilter needs know. Learn how to prepare your fabric and transfer your design, how to create a quilt top with a vast array of techniques, and assemble it, how to make bindings in a variety of ways and methods and much more. $26.95
This author gives crafters of all kinds, an amazing tool for using color in nine different crafts including most needlework and beading. Color theory principles are simply explained and more than 270 hand-crafted swatches are included as well as a pull-out color wheel. $24.95 This well-known artist, lecturer, teacher and author shows you, bead by bead and stitch by stitch how to add bead embroidery to your work for texture, color and excitement. All techniques shown in brilliant color and in step-by-step $24.95
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Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques   Judging Bobbin Lace   Art of Annemiecke Mein: Wildlife Artist in Textiles    
Nancie M. Wiseman Mary K. Campbell Annemiecke Mein  
More than 50 expert techniques cover increases, decreases, seams, blocking, decorative finishes, and more. Book includes step-by-step illustrations, easy-to-read text, and dozens of color photos. $24.95
This lace expert brings her expertise to paper and has written this guide for embroiderer or needlework judge who is asked to judge a bobbin lace category and feels the need of some instruction in the specifics of bobbin lace and lots of photos. It also includes a glossary of common lace terms and a bibliography of general works that will inform the judge. $42.00
This stunning book is a must for needlework libraries, each page a treasure that takes you inside the world of a remarkable woman who is not only an incredible artisan but a naturalist as well. She uses numerous numbers of techniques to bring her needlework to life. You will never forget this book once you see it. $30.00
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