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Needlepoint (Con't.)

June McKnight
June McKnight
June McKnight
Tony Minieri
McKnight, June   McKnight, June   McKnight, June   Minieri, Tony
Needlepoint Wisdom Plants & Animals in Needlepoint Shading Techniques Stars for a New Millennium
This is a great little book of tips for needlepoint, all those things you wanted to ask or didn’t know enough to ask. All kinds of critters, plants and flowers are shown here with instructions and diagrams. Want to add shading to your needlepoint? This author teaches you how. This best seller by this marvelous teacher and designer is fun and wonderful. What can you say about a stitching project that is named after Hollywood stars? All stitching, graphing, diagrams and text fun to use. Have fun playing the puzzle that goes with it.
( n3026 ) $22.00
( n3027 ) $22.00
( n3028 ) $22.00
( n3029 ) $55.00
Suzy Murphy
Suzy Murphy
Suzy Murphy
Suzy Murphy
Murphy, Suzy   Murphy, Suzy   Murphy, Suzy   Murphy, Suzy
SuZy’s Small Stitches   SuZy’s Darn Stitches   SuZy’s SurpriZe Stitches   SuZy’s Lite Stitches
This wonderful teacher and designer knows how to put a book together and create classic resource. This is first in her series and shows models stitched on 14 mesh canvas using Perle Cotton with the color models located in the back. Great graphs, what stitch can be used for and other great info,   This is a great resource for creating the perfect background or border. Hint: She discovered great patterns in Scandinavian sweaters. Color models, lots of tips and graphs.   These stitches don’t fit into a single category and come in all sizes and shapes. All stitched with Splendor Silk from Rainbow Gallery. Color models in back, graphs, tips and more.   This is a gallery of stitches that let the background show through. Yummy graphs and more.
( n3030 ) $37.95
  ( n3031 ) $32.95
  ( n3032 ) $38.95
  ( n3033 ) $39.95
Suzy Murphy
Needle Artisan (Cynthia Thomas
June McKnight
dede Ogden
Murphy, Suzy   Needle Artisan (Cynthia Thomas)   Needle Artisan (Cynthia Thomas)   Odgen, Dede
SuZy’s Portable Stitches   5 Bracelets Stitch Guide   The Twelve Days of Christmas: Stitch and Thread Guide   More Shadow Stitching
These are stitches distilled from SuZy’s Small Stitches & SuZy’s SurpriZe Stitches and put in this handy small size spiral-bound book that fits in your purse. Graphed & indexed.   This is a guide for Melissa Shirley designs for five great needlepoint bracelets.   Have fun creating a Christmas fun piece that was designed by Melissa Shirley Designs – this is the guide book for the canvas that must be purchased from Melissa Shirley.   This is a follow-up for the “chapter” she did for Amy Bunger (see that section). Lots of great stitching and tips how to use them.
( n3034 ) $24.95
  ( n3035 ) $18.00
  ( n3036 ) $35.95
  ( n3038 ) $34.95
Bargello, Stars, Shells and Borders
Joyce Petschek Beautiful Bargello
Marnie Ritter
Marnie Ritter
Paine, Josephine, Ruth   Petschek, Joyce   Ritter, Marnie   Ritter, Marnie
Bargello, Stars, Shells, and Borders   Beautiful Bargello   Marnie Ritter’s Canvas Patterns   Marnie Ritter’s Canvas Patterns Canvas Patterns Book II
This large, spiral-bound book by a master stitcher that shows 50+ of her unique projects. First four chapters showcase bargello patterns as straight line, two-way, four-way, open borders, closed borders and shimmering backgrounds. Chapters 5 through 12 introduce 3-D techniques to create the scallop shell, snail shell, conch shell, starfish and seahorse for multiple projects. For beginner and advanced.   Enjoy this marvelous book with its 26 charted bargello projects and needlepoint designs with detailed charts and instructions and great color photos of each project.   This well-respected needlework teacher, designer and author shares her techniques and stitches to create your own variations that will add much to your projects. Graphs are clear and easy to follow.   , this in-demand teacher shows a composite of canvas patterns that include using ribbons, metallics, semi-precious stones, beads and more. Lots of tips.
( n3039 ) $45.00
  ( n3040 ) $24.95
  ( n3041 ) $32.00
  ( n3042 ) $32.00
June McKnight
June McKnight
Roberts, Michele   Roberts, Michele        
50 Crosses Charted for Needlepoint   Christmas Symbols: 36 Ornament for St. Luke’s Church        
This is the second book in her symbols series. Not only do you get to choose from 50 crosses in gorgeous white and gold but she explains where each cross came from. All the tips, stitches and directions you need.   These magnificent ornaments will be great for any tree – all done in white and gold. Great stitch guide to get them stitched and finished too. Great background on each symbol.        
( n3044 ) $39.95
  ( n3045 ) $29.95
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