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Needlepoint (Con't.)

Jean Hilton Chapter Patches
Jean Hilton Borderlines
Jean Hilton Unique Bargello
Hilton, Jean   Hilton, Jean   Hilton, Jean   Hilton, Jean
Chapter Patches   Turnberry Ridge   Borderlines   Unique Bargello
All these patches have metallic, some beads and the theme of long diagonals within an angled, round or wavy metallic outline. Once again, great diagrams, directions and charting.   A beginning needlepoint project with additional charts for advanced study and she leaves room for stitchers to make it unique.   This is a wonderful collection of borders to stimulate creativity – she finds corners crucial so you will need a hand mirror to do these. Lots of diagrams, charting and text.   Jean notes, “I’ve never seen designs with ‘parallel miters’ so she presents them here for the first time ever. Some of the designs are more to the traditional but others have the parallel miters. Eleven choices in design.
( n3009 ) $30.00
  ( n3010 ) $35.00
  ( n3011 ) $40.00
  ( n3012 ) $29.95
Stitches for Effect
More Stitches For Effect
Even More Stitches For Effect
Stitches to Go
Howren, Suzanne & Beth Robertson   Howren, Suzanne & Beth Robertson   Howren, Suzanne & Beth Robertson   Howren, Suzanne & Beth Robertson
Stitches for Effect   More Stitches for Effect   Even More Stitches for Effect   Stitches to Go
This first book in their award-winning series introduces ways to create effects with the use of threads and stitches.   This second in their series introduces the use of embellishments.   This third book in their series brings new group of stitches and the effects they can be used to create.   Every stitch from the three books in the Stitches for Effect Series is included in a small, purse or bag-size spiral format for easy taking with you for reference. Great Graphs.
( n3013 ) $30.00
  ( n3014 ) $34.00
  ( n3015 ) $38.00
  ( n3016 ) $22.95
Maggie Lane
June McKnight
June McKnight
June McKnight
Lane, Maggie   McKnight, June   McKnight, June   McKnight, June
Kimono   Architectural Stitches   Christmas Stitches for Needlepoint   Decorative Backgrounds for Needlepoint
This pattern comes from Maggie Lane’s out-of-print Gold & Silver and the stitches were selected and stiched by Letje Jackovich. Only the complex stitches have been detailed and stitch graphs included. How to customize this project is included too.   This well-known needlepoint author shows how to represent windows, doors, roofs and buildings.   June brings you great ideas for stitching those Santas and other projects,   This is a great little spiral-bound book of flattering background stitches. Charted.
( n3017 ) $30.00
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  ( n3020 ) $22.00
  ( n3021 ) $22.00
June McKnight
June McKnight
June McKnight
June McKnight
McKnight, June   McKnight, June   McKnight, June   McKnight, June
More Backgrounds for Needlepoint   Holiday Stitches   Needlepoint Borders   Needlepoint for Kids
Here is your chance to expand your library of background stitches with another favorite by June.   Do the holidays up in style with specialty needlepoint stitches. She describes what they can be used for.   This great little book offers stitches to make flowers, plants and animals along with instructions and diagrams.   Clear instructions and b/w illustrations get the young stitcher into this art.
( n3022 ) $22.00
  ( n3023 ) $22.00
  ( n3024 ) $22.00
  ( n3025 ) $22.00
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