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Needlepoint (Con't.)

Country Bumpkin   Dilts, Ruth   Dilts, Ruth   Christensen, Jo Ippolito
A to Z of Needlepoint Needlepoint 101: Guide to Painted Canvas Needlepoint 202: A Guide to 12 Different Techniques with illustrations for Embellishment of the Painted Canvas The Needlepoint Book: revised and expanded
This is part of a great series of stitch books that are all classics. This guide is for both beginners and more experienced embroiderers. Over 1200 step-by-step photos with simple instructions for over 65 different stitches. This expert takes stitches through the process of what to look for in a painted canvas, threads and her own favorite stitches and where they can be used. Graphed. Well, she says it all in her title. This includes stitched examples in color to learn from. This classic known as the ‘black bible’ of needlepoint contains 369 stitches, information on materials, 1300 illustrations, great projects, course on new fibers and much more.
( n2987 ) $29.95
( n2988 ) $16.00
( n2989 ) $20.00
( n2983 ) $25.00
Favorite Stitches
Favorite Stitches II
Stitches for the Milennium
Golden Gate Canvas Workers Chapter of ANG   Hart, Brenda   Hart, Brenda   Hart, Brenda
Background Stitch Reference Book   Favorite Stitches   Favorite Stitches II   Stitches for the Millennium
This classic is in its 7th printing and covers background treatments for: Straight Stitches & Pattern Units; Slanted or Diagonal Stitches and Pattern Units; Crossed Stitches and Pattern Units; Eyelet Stitches; Woven and Tied Stitches; Exposed Canvas technique; Specialty Stitches and more.   This teacher and designer says, �the majority of stitch patterns in this book can be found in a building, floor, etc.   Brenda advises here to turn the stitch patterns upside down, sideways or reverse the directions. Majority graphed and explained are background stitches.   Almost all stitches are new except for variations of some stitches in her other two books that she included as she saw them as very useful. She has learned to see patterns in everything.
( n2997 ) $34.00
  ( n2998 ) $39.95
  ( n2999 ) $39.95
  ( n3000 ) $38.00
A Banner Year
Jean Hilton's Needlepoint Stitches
Jean Hilton Stimulating Stitches
Hilton Sampler
Hart, Brenda   Hilton, Jean   Hilton, Jean   Hilton, Jean
Banner Year   Needlepoint Stitches   Stimulating Stitches   Hilton Sampler
The inspiration for this series of monthly banners came from Rebecca Wood's hand painted canvases. Each banner is a work of art as are the library of stitches that can be used on this or other projects.   Original stitches plus variations of familiar stitches with wonderful charts and written instructions by a well-known designer and teacher.   This book includes exciting stitches and variations and how “mistakes” can prove to be a friend.   Learn how to stretch your mind and travel in a new stitching direction. All instructions are included and so is great charting.
( n3001 ) $49.00
  ( n3002 ) $30.00
  ( n3003 ) $30.00
  ( n3004 ) $30.00
Jean Hilton's Puzzle
Jean Hilton's Puzzle Purse
Jean Hilton Gleneagle
Hilton, Jean   Hilton, Jean   Hilton, Jean   Hilton, Jean
Jean Hilton's Puzzle   Puzzle Purse   Light & Lacey   Gleneagle
What a gorgeous pattern! Jean is so original with her designs and books that she has a large following.   This gorgeous purse can be used as a shoulder bag or elegant clutch. The author includes all directions and great charts. This is a prizewinner.   30 of Jean’s delicate designs for beginners or more advanced stitchers along with a unique alphabet and five name tag designs. Again, great designs, directions and charting.   The author considers this her masterpiece design that is made up of 12 incredibly attractive patches and includes all directions and charting.
( n3005 ) $40.00
  ( n3006 ) $40.00
  ( n3007 ) $24.95
  ( n3008 ) $35.00
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