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  ( s2934 ) $15.00
Witney Antiques   Witney Antiques   Witney Antiques   Witney Antiques An Exceptional Endeavour   Dilengence, Industry and Virtue   How Fragrant the Rose   On This Fair Sampler Does My Needle Write Scotland has a long history of both professional and domestic embroidery and many samplers. Little has been written about them and this full-color catalog is a wonderful place to start learning about their art.   This catalog brings us beyond the purely personal pictorial appeal of needlework and into 300 years of social history, and more particularly a glimpse into the education and indoctrination of the feminine ideal through embroidery.   The rose, the emblem of England, multi-colored pansies, honeysuckle, lilies, marigolds and cornflowers appear in many artistic variations, some worked with intense complexity, others the naïve outgoing of an beginner’s hand. Lots of intriquing samplers that include flowers.   Witney publishes a sampler and historic embroideries full-color catalog each fall. This one contains samplers from both England and Continental region and is from the collection of Emma-Henriette Schiff Von Suvero born in Austria in 1873. ( s2935 ) $32.00
  ( s2936 ) $32.00
  ( s2937 ) $32.00
  ( s2938 ) $32.00
Witney Antiques   Witney Antiques   Witney Antiques   Witney Antiques Paradise Revisited   Samplers: All Creatures Great and Small   Samplers: House & Garden   Samplers – Mapped & Charted This year’s theme explores Paradise as a Garden of Delights before Adam and Eve were disgraced. Lovely Samplers and embroideries from 17th and 18th centuries. All in color.   One of Witney’s earlier sampler books that features a collection of fine antiques needlework samplers depicting animals, birds and insects.   This is a collection of fine antique embroidered needlework samplers depicting the British house and garden from 17th century through 19th century.   This is a marvelous collection of amazingly accurate maps and globes done in embroidery in the 18th and early 19th centuries. ( s2939 ) $32.00
  ( s2940 ) $26.00
  ( s2941 ) $26.00
  ( s2942 ) $32.00
    Witney Antiques   Witney Antiques   Witney Antiques     Stitched in Adversity: Samplers of the Poor   When This You See Remember Me   Upstairs Downstairs: Plain & Fancy – 1590 – 1880     This collection of samplers done by orphans in the 18th and 19th centuries that include the most poignant sayings and charming embroidery that even include pocket samplers and punishment samplers.   Fanastic exhibition catalog of one of a kind samplers from the 18th and 19th century. Gives size, how worked, and brief account of the known sampler makers.   This collection gathers together many fine embroideries made at all levels of society, from the rich to the poor, from grand houses to orphanages.     ( s2943 ) $35.95
  ( s2944 ) $32.00
  ( s2945 ) $32.00
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