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Ellis, Marianne   Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Inc.   Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Inc.   Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Inc.
Embroideries and Samplers from Islamic Egypt Elizabeth Muir Sampler Mini Flower Basket Sampler The 1797 Sampler
These embroideries are from three different periods that range from A.D. 868 through 1249. Dating these fabrics accurately took radiocarbon work in many cases. Most of the patterns are geometric but there are also great examples of scrolling and arabesque designs. Color plates and great research. Along with a short history of this sampler dated 1831, all materials, instructions, and graphing are included. Barbara Rakosnik supplies the clear instructions for this lovely mini sampler –size 12 ½ x 10 ½ (design size 6 ½ x 4 ½ ). This original sampler is in the EGA collection. Historical information as well as in-depth instructions to finish this attractive Germany sampler known affectionately as the lobster sampler are included. Follow Armida Taylor as she follows the clues to find the the source of this sampler. Clear graphs and close-ups of stitches make this a great project. Finished to 13x 27 1/2.
( s2907 ) $26.95
( s2908 ) $45.00
( s2909 ) $10.00
( s2910 ) $28.00
Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Inc.   Hiester, Jan & Kathleen Staples   Huber, Stephen & Carol   Meulenbelt-Nieuwburg, Albarta
The Spanish Sampler This Have I Done: Samplers and Embroideries from Charleston and the Low Country Samplers: How to Compare & Value Merklapmotieven hun symboliek
According to the inscription on the sampler this was completed in 1817 by “Maria” who was only 7 years of age and the stitched area of the piece measures nearly 13x15 ¼ . Wonderful large graphs and instructions. Through full-color plates and wonderfully researched history examines the relationship between the local sampler designers and and the embroidery designers and the embroidery groups that immigrated to South Carolina, among them the English, French Huguenot, Dutch and Germans. This indispensable volume is a master class in appraising schoolgirl samplers and pictorial needlework. It contains a unique compare-and-contrast format, professional appraisal secrets, price ranges of more than 120 samplers, detailed instruction on how to assess style, condition, authenticity, and value and expert advice on how to collect, display, and care for samplers. Full-color photos of more than 120 samplers. This is a favorite of sampler makers although it is in Dutch because it a compilation of wonderful designs and motifs from samplers that are graphed out for you. Samplers and embroidery pieces used shown.
( s2911 ) $60.00
( s2913 ) $19.95
( s2919 ) $27.50
( s2920 ) $40.00
Mississippi River Valley Chapter, EGA   Parmal, Pamela   Quinton, Rebecca   Romriell, Loree
Here My Work Forever Stands: Band Sampler   Samplers from A to Z   Patterns of Childhood: Samplers from Glascow Museums   Pioneer Memorial Museum Samplers
This lovely band sampler was designed and taught by: Sherilee Hood, Joene Jarpe, Tam Lines, Hazel Lundeen and Susan Woodford. Learn new stitches which are neatly graphed and create this wonderful band sampler. All needed instructions and materials list are included.   These are samplers of all kinds of needlework (including some samplers) that are in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. All in color.   The samplers held in Glasgow Museum’s Burrell and costume and textiles collections span over 300 years. As well as many interesting samplers made in Glascow, the collections include two made by Frances Cheyney, several by pupils at Ackworth School, a poignant sampler “Done in Exile”, and a six-foot stickmustertuch from Germany.   This is a collection of samplers by Utah pioneers with the history and color plates of each sampler included.
( s2921 ) $13.95
  ( s2922 ) $19.95
  ( s2923 ) $30.00
  ( s2924 ) $23.95
Stevan-Bathoorn, Hennie   Van Valin, Marsha   Van Valin, Marsha   Van Valin, Marsha
Black Embroidered Samplers from Groningen, Holland Animals from Early Samplers Architecture from Early Samplers More Alphabets from Early Samplers
Luckily for sampler enthusiasts this small book is in English and concentrates on the search of needlework tradition in the Groningen-Germany border area of Holland and includes lovely b/w photos of example. Includes a counting thread pattern of an original Groningen embroidery sampler from 1826 graphed out. Historic patterns, all graphed, on animals domestic and farm animals. Plenty of historic patterns of houses and many other buildings for counted thread embroidery. These alphabets are collected from German, Italian, Scottish, Dutch, English and American samplers dating from 1530 to 1868 all graphed.
( s2925 ) $29.95
( s2927 ) $25.00
( s2928 ) $26.00
( s2929 ) $20.00
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