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Needlepoint (Con't.)

Roberts, Michele   Roberts, Michele   Serena, Raffaella   Serena, Raffaella
Crosses in Color: 50 Crosses Charted for Needlepoint Needlework Birthstone Jewels: Inspired by the Famous Jewels of History Embroideries and Patterns from 19th C. Vienna Berlin Work Samplers & Embroidery of the 19th C. Vienna
This is the third in her symbols series. Color pictures, charts, stitching instructions, and information on the crosses themselves. Awe-inspiring. One jewel was chosen for each month's birthstone. Each needlepoint jewel is designed to explore many interesting fibers in combination with each other. The birthstone jewels are worked on 18-count canvas. Each completed jewel measures 3 � inches square. Color plates and history of original jewel and the finished needlepoint. Graphed. This is the first book ever that is devoted entirely to the petit point of Vienna of this era. Patterns such as garlands, flowers, animals and landscapes are included. This is a great history of this needlework as well as an album of designs for petit point and cross stitch for purses, slippers, paniers, rugs, cushions and more.
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( n3049 ) $80.00
Snyder, Julie   Spencer, Patricia   Strite-Kurz, Ann   Strite-Kurz, Ann
176 Amazing Stitches To Unlock Creativity   Twister, A Needlework Design   Science of Canvas Embroidery   Canvas Applique
This is the first book in Julie’s amazing series. She delivers some great stitches and this book started a word of mouth campaign and I’ve had to happily order these a jillion times (or so it seems). Her long and narrow format appeals as do the clear graphs. Learn what to use each stitch for. Thanks, Julie.   I love this design and it looks so different depending on the colors you use. Has all the instructions, threads, materials needed to finish this great project. I know this was out-of-print but I have lots of copies since I requested another printing for me.   She gives you logical answers to stitching dilemmas such as ways to plan and manipulate stitch sequences to achieve optimum canvas coverage and backing needs, how to prevent and or eliminate awkward compensation with the use of proper planning and more.   This well-known designer and teacher focuses here mainly on techniques of traditional appliqué when mono canvas is used. In step-by-step format.
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  ( n3055 ) $39.95
Bargello, Stars, Shells and Borders
Strite-Kurz, Ann   Strite-Kurz, Ann   Strite-Kurz, Ann   Strite-Kurz, Ann
Creative Canvas Couching   Stitch Variations & Mutations   Potpourri of Pattern   Backgrounds: The Finishing Touch
This includes a great CD. Ann takes you on a study of contemporary uses of couching techniques in the 20th century and beyond. Also includes a collection of laid fillings.   This is a menu of ways to vary geometric stitches for canvas and counted thread.   This is a guide to provide the stitcher with innovative ideas for stitch treatments and deals with open patterning and unconventional uses of it on canvas.   The author provides a collection of original open patterns for canvas and evenweave fabrics that comes with a CD-Rom for windows or Mac systems.
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Cynthia Thomas
Jane Zimmerman
Jane Zimmerman
Elaine Oliverio
Thomas, Cynthia (Needle Artisan)   Zimmerman, Jane   Zimmerman, Jane   Elaine Oliverio
The Twelve Days of Christmas: Stitch & Thread Guide   Canvas Work Bands and Borders   Ultimate Encyclopedia of Canvas Embroidery – Vol I   INs & OUTs
Here are twelve delightful designs to go along with the 12 Days of Christmas song – all stitches needed shown, Color examples and great tips.   This author makes the designing and working of a border or band fun and simple to understand. It is divided into category of stitches and even includes with a selection of Florentine embroidery bands and borders.   This book includes 385 needlepoint stitches and patterns including mosaic, cashmere, scotch, gobelin, eyelet and plaited done by this highly respected needlework teacher and author.   This follow up book to Stitch Landscape is in the same 5"x 7" format and spiralbound - that covers interiors and exteriors plus for barns, baskets, bricks, buildings, chimneys, fabric, floors, houses, molding, patios, pavement, roof, rugs, trims, borders, walls AND wallpaper, and windows. Wow! Again this book is very popular.
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  ( n3064 ) $44.95
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