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Stumpwork/Brazilian/Crewel/Raised Embroidery

Chapman, Virginia   Chapman, Virginia   Rainbow, Jane   Dennis, Kay
Floss Flowers: Unique Approach to Embroidery: Book 1 Floss Flowers: Book 2 Guide to Crewel Embroidery Beginner’s Guide to Stumpwork
This book includes instructions for Brazilian Embroidery basic stitches both right & left handed, all types of floss & more. Ten simple flower designs in intermediate-advanced Brazilian embroidery, life-sized flower diagrams, twenty stitch instructions. The author shows how to embroider a selection of beautiful designs using twelve basic stitches using clear step-by-step color photos to illustrate how to work with each stitch, develop skills and create wonderful floral pictures. The author takes her inspiration from nature and the past, and using over 100 step-by-step photographs and shows how to create flowers, fruit, trees, birds, insects and more.
( t2874 ) $9.00
( t2875 ) $9.00
( t2889 ) $17.95
( t2877 ) $17.95
Pearce, Helan   Fitzwilliams, Ada & A.F. Morris Hands   Francini, Audrey A.   Freitas, Maria A.
Dimensional Embroidery Jacobean Embroidery Crewel Embroidery with texture and thread variations Primavera: The Art of Brazilian Embroidery
Gorgeous, eye-popping color plates and directions to help you duplicate her inspirational flower designs in this fascinating book. This book presents a historical background to this type of embroidery, followed by 27 sketches of details from authentic historical works, together with descriptions of the original colours and stitches used. This well-known crewel designer and author has written the “bible” for getting into crewelwork that is recommended by teachers and designers. Learn how to select the correct needle, the stitches and threads in this great guide on Brazilian Embroider. All stitches and techniques are shown in color.
( t2888 ) $18.95
( t2881 ) $17.95
( t2882 ) $29.95
( t2883 ) $19.00
Nicholas, Jane   Nicholas, Jane   Nicholas, Jane   Pearce, Helan
Complete Book of Stumpwork Embroidery Stumpwork Dragonflies Stumpwork, Goldwork and Surface Embroidery Beetle Collection Beaded Dimensional Embroidery
Now’s your chance to order her first two stumpwork books, Stumpwork Embroidery & Stumpwork Designs and Projects together in one complete book. This takes you step-by-step through 40 flowers, fruits and insects and explains how to work this style, its interesting history and more and details for 19 projects and 28 new motifs supported by hundreds of step-by-step illustrations and color illustrations for the low price of $39.95. Takes the art of creating these delicate winged creatures to gorgeous new heights. The author shares her methods and secrets of using threads and fabric and beetle wings to create beautiful designs and projects. From an elegant beetle shape embroidered in glittering metallic threads to delightful floral pictures in which a glittering stumpwork beetle stars. Illustrated in color and step-by-step instructions. This author is known for her wonderful dimensional embroidery and now she has incorporated new techniques to include beautiful beading. Her love of 16th and 17th century needlework designs are reflected in her designs. 14 projects have easy instructions as well as template, stitching and beading diagrams. Lots of color photos included in this book.
( t2884 ) $39.95
( t2885 ) $24.95
( t2886 ) $34.95
( t2887 ) $19.95
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