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Might, Jennie   Might, Jennie   Millodot, Suzen   Pearce, Helan
Beaded Needlecases: A Book of Instruction and Design Long & the Short of it Celtic Knots Beaded Jewellery Beaded Dimensional Embroidery
This is her first book on needlecases that became a best seller. Even count tubular peyote instructions as well as flat circular peyote instructions. 20 color designs for needlecases or amulet bags. Here’s another book of her great needle case designs for both long and short cases. Have fun creating little masterpieces. Learn how to make beautiful necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches and earrings using real, three-dimensional Celtic knots combined with beads and pendants. Eighteen great projects using clear step-by-step photos show how to create original stylish designs. These projects reflect the author’s love of 16th & 17th century needlework designs. The 14 projects all have easy to follow instructions as well as template, stitching and beading diagrams to create hair ornaments, evening bags, clothing and Christmas ornaments. These are gorgeous!
( b2924 ) $14.95
( b2925 ) $16.95
( b2926 ) $19.95
( b2930 ) $19.95
Pierce, Don   Pretl, Julia S.   Rollason, Madeleine   Rollason, Madeleine
Beading On a Loom Little Bead Boxes: 12 Miniature Boxes Built with Beads Beginner’s Guide to Bead Netting Beginner’s Guide to Beadwork
Here you’ll find all the how-tos of beading on a loom, plus loom work history and a gallery of contemporary creations. The book features step-by-step instructions and illustrations for loom construction, warping, basic weaving, increasing and decreasing, weaving triangles, correcting mistakes, using negative space, graphing designs, blending colors, finishing and more. Working with only cylindrical beads and simple variations on peyote stitch – the author has devised an array of delightful miniature boxes, constructed entirely of beads. With step-by-step illustrations and easy-to-follow word maps and color patterns, she shows the techniques for creating three-sided, five-sided, and six-sided rectangular, square, and stacked boxes. Blank graphs are included so when you build these 12 boxes you can design some of your own. All the stitches and basic techniques are explained using clear, step-by-step photos, and the eight easy-to-follow projects enable you to put your skills into practice and make gorgeous purses, jewellery and other items. Learn how to make beautiful bags, purses, wall hangings, necklaces, bracelets and more. Over 200 step-by-step photos illustrate all the techniques: stringing, netting, fringing, peyote stitch, brick stitch, right-angle weave and herringbone stitch.
( b2931 ) $21.95
( b2932 ) $21.95
( b2934 ) $19.95
( b2935 ) $15.95
Stori, Mary   Thom, Verona Rachelle   Van Horn, Larkin Jean   Wallace, Sandra
All-in-One Beading Buddy Bead N’ Bugs Beading on Fabric The Beader’s Color Mixing Directory
This is designed to go with you anywhere you want to bead. It includes 78 stitches, step-by-step instruction, tips for edge finishes fringes, and dangles and is code-colored for easy use with a guide to bead types and sizes. Use beads and wire to create realistic butterflies, dragonflies, beetles, spiders, flies, wasps, and ladybugs. The author gives you 11 realistic projects and each step is clearly illustrated from start to finish. This book gives you a comprehensive look at the tools and materials, covering all types of fabrics, threads, needles, glues, and stabilizers. Then the author shows you the beads commonly used in embroidery and tips for wearability, washability, and care for beaded fabrics. Laminated cover with inside spiral. The way color gets used can transform beadwork from mundane to magnificent. This book features 200 failsafe color schemes created especially for any beader. The main directory section is organized into broad themes, from warm and cool, to vivid and bright and subtle and moody, each featuring a range of inspirational color “stories”. Each color story is demonstrated using a range of beautiful beadwork, and clear graphic “color recipes” identify the precise color proportions used. Projects are included to utilize color schemes of all types of beaded jewelry.
( b2936 ) $16.95
( b2937 ) $17.95
( b2938 ) $21.95
( b2939 ) $22.99
Wells, Carol Wilcox            
Art & Elegance of Beadweaving: New Jewelry Designs with Classics Stitches      
This expert shows you basic and advanced techniques for chevron, peyote, spiral and crocheted rope, herringbone (Ndebele), and right angle weave stitches. Use them to create dramatic jewelry from a Graduated Triangle Drop Necklace to putting it Together Earrings. Expand your creative boundaries when you try wonderful variations on these stitches.      
( b2940 ) $27.95
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